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How much notice do I need to give to place an order?


We like to receive orders in as early as possible but we know that’s not always possible so we take orders up until 2.30pm the working day before your delivery day (that means Fridays for Monday deliveries please). 



What if my meeting is cancelled, how much notice should I give?


As much as possible ideally but at the very least we require one full working days notice for orders under £100 and at least two full working days notice for orders over £100. Any less and we’ll already have ordered all of the ingredients in and begun preparing the food so we’ll have to charge for it we’re afraid.




How do I pay for my order?


You can pay for your order by debit or credit (including Amex) at the time of ordering or if you’re like the Queen and don’t like to handle money, then why not open a credit account with us and leave it to your accounts bods to settle your tab for you each month?! Just click on “Upgrade Account”, followed by “Apply for Credit Account”, once registered and signed in, and we’ll get an account open for you within a day or two of receiving your online application form.



I need an invoice for my order and its gotta show a PO number on it please – can you do this?


Yes we can. Simply insert any reference name or number or purchase order number in the “reference” box at the checkout and this will appear on your invoice or receipt. Invoices and credit/debit card receipts are sent out by email after .30pm on the day of your delivery. 



Is there a minimum I need to order?


Yes but it’s only £75 so as long as you’ve got a couple of hungry mouths to fill, you shouldn’t have any trouble hitting it.


Can I download a menu to keep on my desk at all times?!


Yes you sure can.  Click here to download your very own copy of our delivery menu.  


Do you supply tea & coffee?


Yes but not in those thermos flasks where it turns up at your office over brewed and luke warm!  Some things just don't travel well.  We supply hot drinks at events where we supply our staff onsite to make you a fresh cuppa so that no one has to drink a token cup of the horrible stuff.  We can either use your kit or bring our own so just drop us an email to if you'd like a quote for our fabulous tea boys and girls to come do their thing at your next meeting or event.  



Can I have a job please mister?


Yes, absolutely.  If you're passionate about food, bonkers about providing great service and an all round good egg, we want you on our team! We're always on the look out for talented and hard working chefs, kitchen porters, drivers and delivery cyclists, amongs other positions so get in touch if you want to get on board Team Grazing. To find out more about working with us, our current vacancies and to apply, check out


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