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In line with new EU red tape, sorry, regulations, we've changed all of our dietary info over to new pimped up allergens info. 


Rather than showing when a dish is free from something as we used to do, we now show when a dish contains an allergen.  So if you see any of the following symbols next to a dish, it means that this dish contains ingredients with these allergens present. Got it?! 


  • CEL = Celery
  • G = Cereals Containing Gluten
  • C = Crustaceans
  • E = Eggs
  • F = Fish
  • L = Lupin
  • M = Milk
  • MOL = Mollusc
  • MU = Mustard
  • N = Nuts
  • P = Peanuts
  • SS = Sesame Seeds
  • S = Soya
  • SD = Sulphur Dioxide



Click here to check the allergens of our April's Daily Speciality Salads.




It's important (and a legal requirement) that you make the allergen information available to everyone being served our food so to help make this nice and simple, you can download and use this handy template. Simply enter the names of the dishes you're serving in the left hand column, tick the appropriate allergens box and display in the room with your breakfast or lunch - simples! Just click on the chart below to download it. 





Please note that we use nuts in our kitchen, as do many of our suppliers in there's so there's always a chance of traces of nuts being present in any of our dishes.




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